Family Birthing | Admission & Pre-Registration

As you arrive at the Family Birthing Center, your spouse or birthing partner may park at the Family Birthing Center entrance for 15 minutes and accompany you into the hospital.

Press the buzzer outside the Birthing Center door to let staff know you are here. If you arrive after 9pm, press the buzzer at the outside door. You will be taken into the Triage Room where a nurse will assess you, begin the admission process and talk with your doctor.

Please complete your pre-registration form for the hospital and send it in as soon as possible. This saves time when you arrive.

Throughout your stay, you will be cared for in the comfort of our LDRP rooms (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum). Each phase of your childbirth experience takes place in one comfortable location. These rooms include high-tech, state-ofthe-art equipment for monitoring you and your baby as needed but convert to a warm, homey space for family care and bonding after your baby is born. Our rooms offer a convertible sleep chair for rooming in, rocking chairs and plenty of space for family visiting.