Anticoagulation Management Service [AMS]

MidState Medical Center offers Anticoagulation Management Service [AMS] patient management through point-of-care [POC] testing of the INR, extensive patient education, anticoagulant dosing, and monitoring, to ambulatory patients to maximize the benefits of anticoagulation while minimizing both the risks of bleeding and of thromboembolic events. The service shifts the time-consuming process of managing anticoagulated patients from the physician office to the AMS, where anticoagulation-trained pharmacists and APRN's assume management upon referral.

AMS visit provides:

  • Timely assessment of lab values, usually through POC testing.
  • Minimized need for venipunctures.
  • Immediate dosing adjustments and on-site prescribing.
  • Patient assessment and comprehensive patient education on the best use of and administration of anticoagulants.
  • Ongoing review of interactions with current diet and medications.
  • Management of breaks in anticoagulation therapy  and provides bridge therapy management upon referral.
  • Protocol driven anticoagulation management.
  • SCM notes maintaining continuum of care.
  • Lab drawing station available in the building.


Dr. William Farrell
Medical Director

Diane Henry RPh
Rosalind Melnicoff APRN

Covered by most major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Anticoagulation Management Service

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