Gynecologic surgeons are the pioneers of laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery.

At MidState, we offer the full range of procedures for benign and malignant female reproductive conditions. This includes hysterectomies and uro-genital procedures for incontinence and bladder problems. High-technology robot-assisted surgery has led to tremendous advances in minimally invasive surgery and positive outcomes for a wider range of gynecologic cases.

For many women, robot-assisted surgery is a better alternative to traditional, open gynecologic surgery...

  • It allows your surgeon to make fewer incisions, so it reduces the pain, recovery time and scarring associated with traditional surgery.
  • It allows your surgeon to operate with greater precision and control, to reduce the impact on the surrounding area.
  • It results in less blood loss, so it lessens the likelihood you will need a transfusion, and reduces the chances of complications.

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