Buy a Brick for the Next Generation

Your family can relive the joy of your baby's birth for generations to come. MidState Medical Center's family was with your family before and during the blessed birth and has created a way to make these memories last into the future.

Buy a Brick for the Next GenerationMidState has dedicated a special area of its Tribute Walkway to accommodate "New Generation" bricks. This area is easy to recognize by the precious teddy bear logo engraved on each New Generation break.

The brick will be there in perpetuity, for you and everyone to see and remember the joy of this occasion. To help us make this program possible, we are asking for a $250 contribution to MidState Medical Center to support the finest in healthcare for your family, friends and neighbors.

Relive Today’s Joy Forever

"A baby is someone who grows inside of you
and stays in your heart forever."

New Generation Brick Form

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