Senior Emergency Care Services

With an eye on the health needs of our aging population, MidState Medical Center is proud to provide a newer, innovative approach to caring for seniors in its Emergency Department.

Senior Emergency Care Services

Among the first to offer such an approach in the state, we are dedicated to providing patients 65+ with a superior model of care.

Our team, which includes physicians, nurses, technicians and a social worker, are all specially trained and deliver compassionate, personalized health care-with quick, accurate diagnosis and treatment plans developed with your special needs in mind.

Special features of our senior-friendly ED

We've designed every aspect of our Senior Emergency Care Services with your health, safety and comfort in mind-and paid attention to details that create a calm, gentle and nurturing environment:

  • All modern, individual patient rooms for added privacy and quiet
  • Individual televisions and telephones for comfort and convenience
  • Thicker mattresses and heated blankets for patients
  • Safety features like handrails, softer lighting and non-slip floors
  • Space set aside for private family consultations
  • A centrally located nursing station so staff can keep a close eye on every patient

A higher level of coordinated care

When a patient 65+ comes to our Emergency Department, they are not just treated for the ailment that brought them to the hospital. A multi-disciplinary team also performs a special assessment to gauge the patient's status and whether they may have medication issues, be a fall risk or suffer from ailments like dementia and depression. The hope is to identify follow-up care before the condition worsens.

When you leave our Emergency Department, we make sure the transition home or to another care setting goes smoothly.

Specifically, we do the following to better coordinate your care:

  • Develop individualized care plans following your discharge
  • Refer you to a reputable, high-quality physician if you do not have a primary care doctor
  • Review your medications and make recommendations to you based on expert evaluation

Our goal is to provide you with the services you will need to maintain your independence and overall health and well-being. We are committed to connecting you with the appropriate community resources that can be of assistance to you.

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