Surgical Services | Before Your Surgery

  • Your doctor may order preoperative tests, such as blood work and/or an EKG, or, depending on your medical history, you may need additional tests or consults.​
  • You are required to have a responsible adult drive you home and remain with you after surgery. Your surgery will be cancelled if you do not have these arrangements in place. You cannot drive or be left alone. You cannot use public transportation or walk home. Your companion should anticipate remaining at the center throughout your stay.
  • You will receive a call from the surgery center’s anesthesia department before surgery to give you instructions and to address any questions or concerns. Please advise her/him if you suffer from Sleep Apnea or have a Latex Allergy.​
  • On the day before surgery, please call (860) 378-8228 between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM to find out what time to arrive for your surgery. If your surgery is on Monday, please call on the previous Friday. Arrival times are not available prior to that day. It is important to keep the entire day available as we may not be able to accommodate a specific time request.​
  • Call your surgeon’s office if there is any change in your physical condition, such as a flu, fever, or injury to the operative area before your surgery.​
  • If you are having hand or foot surgery, remove all nail polish and acrylic/gel or artificial nails on the hand/foot upon which you will be operated.​
  • If your surgeon has given you a prescription prior to your surgery date, you may want to fill it the day before your surgery to minimize travel time on your surgery day.​
  • Do not shave the operative area on the day of surgery.

Surgical Services