Executive Team

Senior Management

Gary Havican
Hartford HealthCare Senior Vice President and Central Region President

Janette Edwards
Hartford HealthCare Regional Vice President, Operations

Karen Fasano
Hartford HealthCare Regional Vice President, Patient Care Services

Jeff Finkelstein, MD
Hartford HealthCare Regional Vice President, Medical Affairs

Tina Akowitz
Hartford HealthCare Regional Director, Human Resources

Fred Sorbo
Hartford HealthCare Interim Vice President, Finance

Kristoffer Popovitch
Hartford HealthCare Senior Regional Director, Operations

Stephanie Armelin
Hartford HealthCare Regional Director, Strategy & Business Development

Central Region Board of Directors

(Hospital of Central Connecticut, MiidState Medical Center, Rushford)

  • Nadine Francis-West (Chair)
  • David Hyman, DDS (Vice Chair)
  • Howard P. Boey, MD
  • Phillip Boiselle, MD
  • Bruce Eldridge
  • Vincent Fortunato
  • Cynthia McCraven, MD
  • John Rathgeber
  • Alex Toribio
  • Steven Prunk, MD (Ex-officio)
  • Gary Havican (Ex-officio)

MidState Medical Center