Healthy Food Donations

Please join us in providing healthy and delicious food options for local food pantry clients!

The local food pantries in your area would like to provide a variety of food for their clients. This would include items for special diets. Please take a moment to consider supporting the pantry, and our neighbors who utilize them, by making your donation a healthy food donation.

Food banks and pantries were started to fill a one-time “emergency” need for people experiencing economic hardship. This has changed over the years. Now, many families rely on food pantries to meet monthly food shortfalls. Since more people are using food pantries on a regular basis, it is important for pantries to have healthy options for their clients.

Why is this important?

If a person has limited, or uncertain access to nutritional and safe foods, they are at higher risk of becoming obese. Obesity can also lead to other health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. These health issues can limit quality of life for our neighbors in need. We want to provide food pantry clients with nutritious foods that they and their children need to be healthy. This means less fat, sugar and empty calories.

The Healthy Food Donation List

The Healthy Food Donation List gives examples of basic items which clients can use to meet their daily nutrition needs. For example, clients need spices to flavor their meals without added salt. Canned beans and vegetables with “no salt added” also help families to lower salt intake. Fruits canned “in their own juices” help lower sugar intake. Easy open containers and “pop-tops” help when people don’t have can openers.

Your donation will be used to help our local food pantry clients meet their most basic nutrition needs. Make your donation a healthy food donation!

Thank you for your support!

*Please check expiration dates before donating – food pantries cannot take expired food products. 

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