Room Service, Please! MidState Medical Center Launches Free Style Dining Program for Moms in Family Birthing Center

May 14, 2015

Room service is no longer a luxury reserved for hotel guests. Patients at MidState Medical Center's Family Birthing Center have the ability to order the food they want - when they want it - via the the hospital's new Free-Style Dining program.

Sparked by a growing trend in health care, birthing center patients can now place an order for their meal by calling the central office directly. They choose the specific foods they want to eat and can expect their meal 45 minutes after placing their order.

Since birthing center patients have fewer dietary restrictions than other hospitalized patients, the room service model was ideal fit to pilot the program.

"Our menu offers a range of foods that meet patients' nutritional needs and personal preferences. Patients can select from breakfast options that include customized omelets, daily lunch or dinner specials, and soups, sides, and desserts, said George Szuba, Food Service manager.

Room service is available daily at MidState from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

"Free-style dining promotes patient satisfaction because patients can eat exactly to their preferences. Some enjoy a large breakfast, others a small breakfast, and some patients like to eat the same thing every day," said Szuba.

Another benefit is that mealtime no longer interferes with the time patients want to spend with visitors. Finally, the program has also reduced waste because patients select only what they want to eat.

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