MidState Medical Center's Dr. Rajani Nadkarni Named a Healthcare Hero

May 08, 2015

MidState Medical Center's Dr. Rajani Nadkarni Named a Healthcare HeroMidState Medical Center is pleased to announce that oncologist Dr. Rajani Nadkarni has been named a recipient the Connecticut Hospital Association's 2015 Healthcare Hero Award.

Developed in 2002, the HealthCare Hero Award celebrates the importance of healthcare careers and the accomplishments of providers.

In a heartfelt nomination, Dr. Nadkarni was lauded for her many achievements, one of which is pioneering genetic counseling and cancer risk assessment services at MidState Medical Center. Hundreds of patients have benefited from this important service, and now the risk clinic model she and her team developed is being reviewed for implementation across Hartford HealthCare, one of Connecticut's largest healthcare systems.

Dr. Nadkarni advocates for quality and patient safety and has held numerous leadership positions toward that end, including medical staff president, chair of the Credentials Committee, member of the Hartford HealthCare Bylaws Committee, Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute Operations Committee, and Disease Management Team Lead at MidState for breast cancer.

Beyond her professional accolades she is also recognized for continually demonstrating care, concern and compassion to her patients. "She frequently models a dedication to a 'person' and not only a 'disease,'" said one nominator.

Recently, she donated money so that tablets could be purchased for the oncology waiting room, giving patients the opportunity to learn more about their diagnosis, medications, health and wellness. She also held vigil with the family of a dying patient to comfort them when medical interventions were no longer an option.

"I feel privileged and grateful to be named a Healthcare Hero. I am also very humbled. As a leader, I've always felt my goal is to mentor and develop the skills of those around me. I hope this means I have done that job," said Dr. Nadkarni.

Still, she finds the interaction with her patients to be the most rewarding. "It is the thank you notes I receive from them describing how I've touched them as a caregiver that mean the most to me."

Photo: Dr. Rajani Nadkarni

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