MidState Medical Center First in State to use EndoWrist One™ Vessel Sealer for the da Vinci System

January 09, 2013

MidState Medical Center surgeons have a new tool to assist them when performing robotic surgery on their patients: the EndoWrist OneTM Vessel Sealer developed by Intuitive Surgical.

The vessel sealer, a single-use 8 millimeter instrument, provides an optimal approach for sealing and cutting tissue bundles and vessels up to 7 millimeters in diameter. The wrist of the instrument can articulate, allowing surgeons to approach anatomy at the best angles with da Vinci's hallmark precision, dexterity and control. It can be used in a variety of robotic surgical cases.

"It's a game changing device. It allows me to seal larger vessels safely and dissect them all with one device. We've had a similar device for laparoscopic procedures that doesn't articulate. Now during robotic procedures, we have much more flexibility and freedom with increased safety," said general surgeon Peter Leff, MD, who used the instrumentation in one of his recent surgical cases.

Doctors at MidState have performed hundreds of surgeries using the robot since the hospital began offering robotic surgery in early 2010. At MidState, robotic surgery is used in gynecologic, urologic, colorectal, general surgery and thoracic procedures.

Robotic surgery is often a favored minimally invasive approach, when appropriate, because it requires fewer incisions, and therefore, less blood loss, less pain, a shorter hospital stay and quicker return to normal activities. For more information on robotic surgery at MidState, please visit midstate.hartfordhealthcare.org.

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